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August 14, 2010


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Since the beginning of this site, dA has been repeatedly criticized for its homophobic approach to art. Homosexual couples (specifically male-male representations because lesbians are hawt, guys) in particular have been repeatedly targeted by the site's admins for deletion, an occurrence so pervasive that one deviant, reapersun was able to hold an entire contest to attempt to illustrate the line of discrimination.

You might say, "the site is simply prudish!" Not true. They have an entire section labeled "fetish". Pictures of women having intercourse with tentacle monsters? De rigeur. Buick sized breasts oozing buckets of milk? Fine. But two consenting adults (especially male adults) touching? Kissing? My GOD, what filth!

The newest and most blatant example of dA's skewed treatment of gay people is a new stamp by prosaix Homophobia by prosaix

Try reporting it. You can't.

Why? Because tons of people have already tried and dA administrators have marked the case "invalid".

Their stock answer:
"Comment: Thank you for attempting to bring this deviation to the attention of the staff. Unfortunately this deviation does not meet the current definition for "Hate Art". It is important to remember that actual "Hate Art" expresses clearly racist ideals, such as the genocide or enslavement of a certain race or class of people. A work which simply expresses a dislike or negative opinion for a subject is not "Hate Art" regardless of how strong that opinion might be expressed, neither are deviations which you simply find offensive because the beliefs or opinions are the opposite of your own. Please review our FAQ entry on the subject of "Hate Art" available here so that you can be more familiar with the official definition."

Actually, no, dA. Maybe you should acquaint yourself with the year 2010 where gay people are people. Even the US government voted to expand the definition of 'hate crime" to include LGBTQ people with the Matthew Shepard Act (…. And even in 1990, George HW Bush signed into law the Hate Crime Statistics Act, the first to include and recognize queer people (…. So. Even in your own definition, you include "sexual orientation".

What do you think homophobia is? "Fear of homosexuality" is what the word means in and of itself (etymologically speaking), but this word is now the equivalent of "prejudice based upon homosexual orientation". When someone commits a hate crime against a gay person it is labeled "homophobic", both legislatively and in laymen's terms. Homophobia means that you see gay people as being less, that you see them as a threat (to who knows what). Those feelings are based on stereotypes, stereotypes just as hateful and prejudiced as thinking someone black is going to harm you or that someone female is incompetent. What do you think that stamp means? It means "see gay people as less than you". When you see someone as less of a human being than you are, that creates a culture where it's just not as bad to beat, rape, murder or otherwise harm a person that's gay. This stamp is saying "I think gay people are less important than heterosexual people, who's with me?"

You don't see that as hateful?

But truly, the most appalling thing is the venue. dA is not a middle-of-nowhere town in the midwest (sorry, midwesterners, but I'm from there :/). It's an art site. This is happening on an art site. For centuries, the fine arts have been a haven for the gay and queer community, one of the few venues where we could find work and small bits of acceptance. The art community owes much of its foundation and ground-breaking achievements to gay people and gay culture (and YES, homo-eroticism), whether you're a poet (Sappho, The Iliad, ), musician (...pick one), illustrator (Leyendecker) or something almost indefinable (Warhol).

But dA, the world's largest, most famous art community is staffed by homophobic, prejudiced people and is allowing a stamp that promotes the hate of an already marginalized group of people.

:iconpowflip: is also making a powerful demonstration of the discrimination of dA's admins with this :thumb175363023: (read the comment before freaking out). This is what alerted me to the stamp in the first place, by the way.

:bulletred:Removal of PowFlip's stamp while not the other would illustrate dA's discrimination against gay people.
:bulletred:Leave them both up and dA wouldn't be following their own policy.
:bulletred:Take them both down, everybody goes home happy.

I hope dA takes the stamp down. I hope they make amends here. But given their past actions, I have very little confidence in them. This article is to let others know about the situation and what kind of organization dA really is.
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Sorry, but from my experience I must say that dA has got to be the LEAST homophobic site I've ever been to
matthew-lane Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

LOL, I know I'm late to the party, but I read your statement & lolled.

"Since the beginning of this site, dA has been repeatedly criticized for its homophobic approach to art. Homosexual couples (specifically male-male representations because lesbians are hawt, guys) in particular have been repeatedly targeted by the site's admins for deletion, an occurrence so pervasive that one deviant, reapersun was able to hold an entire contest to attempt to illustrate the line of discrimination."

firstly the mods don't "target" anyone, they only answer moderation reports & secondly they moderate based on an objective set of rules, as spelled out in the TOS & FAQ.

As for the homophobia stamp, it is true, it does not meet the sites rules for hate art. Its not endorsing homophobia, its not saying you should hate gay people, its saying he is homophobic.

So jump down off your high horse & cool you self indignant outrage for a second. Just because he holds an opinion you don't like, doesn't mean he or she has to suddenly cease to exist... Because by that standard its you intention to persecute people based on the art they create not being to your liking. Its funny just how quickly people who claim to be for freedom of speech suddenly become complete fascists when they come across someone elses speech that they personally disagree with.

The-Betteh Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow. I was not aware that this was going on at all. Well time to do my part and do what they apparently don't want to see to make a point then.
matthew-lane Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You weren't aware, because it was never going on. This journal entry was written by a dA style drama lama, who got angry because his pet kink was reported & images that broke the rules were rightfully taken down. Unfortunately the outspoken LGBT members on dA have a tendency to be giant drama queens, second only to Sonic template "artists," anime otaku & My Little Pony fans.

dA has always had objective rules, which clearly state what can & cannot be posted here: When things get reported by users as breaking those rules (or when people just THINK something is breaking the rules), it is compared to those objective rules & if it is in breach the image is removed. The Mods don't go hunting for things to take down & contrary to what this user thinks there is no homophobia involved at all.
=__= disgusting, but as hard as it is I prefer to see 'people' like them as trolls and do my best to not feeding them. How can that be considered as 'art' or even 'creative'? People deserve peace and respect, and whoever attemps to disturb must not be tolerated. People may not like or agree with homosexuality, it's ok, but deviations like that are kinda obssessive.
kittykathats Apr 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not only that, but when I went to report this hate art, (warning: very disturbing, view at your own risk) [link] the admins completely ignored it. dA disgusts me sometimes. :(
Catthylove Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
dA has fucking issues.

First off, like you said, hate speech now includes sexual orientation. Therefore, that stamp is breaking the rules, right? :iconheaddeskplz:

If it wasn't against the rules, instead of being against the rules and them being hypocrites about it, there wouldn't by so much of a problem.
nijjawolf Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Fellmekke Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I find it strange since last time I checked, one of their admin is a lesbian. Anyway, this journal would explain why they didn't ban ~Xiao-Fury after she harassed me- No, I mean after she harassed everyone. They banned her alt account !SiliconGlass since a comment expressed clearly hatred by saying that gays are things. :stare: On another side, I see a lot of yaoi still here. There's only the two same characters from my fandom that is being taken down, but we think it's a troll.

Part of the problem with the gay rights movement is the way they go about it. They despise having christians and anyone else forcing beliefs down their throat, but they do it themselves. Those "gay pride" and "born this way" doesn't help them. You aren't born gay, it's a chemical process in the brain. Insisting that every heteros can't understand having parades to show how proud you are- that would make being gay a choice. :stare: Shouldn't be proud of something you didn't choosed. The population won't think that their typical people too. That would be the same on dA. I'm a contributor at #LGBTQ and what I see the most is the lack of knowledge many members of the gay community have. (The same can apply with any type of community, obviously. Just look at wolfaboos...) Requesting equality, but putting down everyone who are against them or simply say "I'm a heterosexual" openly. That is, what I frequently see.
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